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Don't let cancer become the forgotten 'C'

Long before the pandemic hit, cancer waiting times were at their worst. But since the coronavirus outbreak, it is even harder for people with cancer to get the care and support they need.

Vital appointments are being postponed, cancelled or changed. The emotional impact is taking its toll on people who are already struggling, and the support is inadequate.

It's crucial that cancer doesn't become the forgotten 'C'.

We need your help to make sure politicians understand that now, more than ever, people living with cancer need to be able to get the right treatment, care and support, at the right time.

Will you urge your health minister to stop cancer becoming the forgotten 'C'?

It's vital that health ministers make decisions for people living with cancer, with people living with cancer. Please email your health minister today.

Email your health minister

Let your minister know that now, more than ever, people with cancer need the right care and support.

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