Thank you

Over the past six weeks, Macmillan campaigners have taken thousands of actions for people living with cancer and their loved ones.

Together, campaigners reached 80% of Parliamentary candidates with the message that cancer matters. Over 150 candidates have pledged to fight for a system where people living with cancer can live life as fully as possible.

Thank you for continued support. Without campaigners like you, it would be impossible to speak out for everyone affected by cancer.

We want the new Government to ensure:

Whoever you vote for and however the new Parliament is formed, cancer matters and we will continue to be there right by you to campaign.

This campaign action has now closed, but don't worry, we'll be continuing to campaign across the UK when the new Parliament has been formed.

In the meantime, sign up as one of our e-campaigners to get all the latest news about how the event went and other campaigns you can get involved in.