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On 5 July the NHS will mark its 70th birthday.

It's an important milestone in its history, but also a powerful reminder to look ahead to the future, and what shape the NHS will take.

As the government will announce new commitments, as part of their long-term plan for the NHS, we are calling on them to demonstrate:

  • How this funding will enable staff to provide high quality patient-centred care.
  • That treatment will not be determined by who a person is, where they live or what they earn.
  • That plans will aim to deliver personalised and coordinated care for people living with cancer.

Macmillan is proud to work side by side with the NHS, to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can - and look forward to doing so in the future.

As the NHS celebrates its 70th birthday, call on your MP to support our vision for the NHS.

 What is Macmillan's vision for the future of the NHS?

Macmillan believe that a long-term funding plan for the NHS must:

  1. Provide high quality, patient-centred care that is fit for future demands, by ensuring we have the right number of staff with the right skills and utilising advances in technology.
  2. Transform cancer services to provide world class care by delivering commitments already made and making ambitious new ones.
  3. Support people to manage cancer as a long-term condition by ensuring funding is used sustainably and responds to changes in society.
  4. Improve the quality of life for people living with cancer by delivering care that is personalised and coordinated across services including social care.
  5. Ensure that the quality of a patient’s care is determined by need and not who they are, what they earn or where they live.


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Call on the government to support Macmillan's vision for the future of the NHS.

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